SMS C.o.d.e.s


Step 1

Need help identifying the owner of a commercial SMS or short code?

Enter the SMS number or the SMS short code that you would like information for in the box below, and click Submit.

For example: (where X is a number) Do NOT use any spaces or symbols e.g. + or -

Short code/5 digit numbers, format: xxxxx (No spaces) Long numbers, i.e. 2782xxxxxxx (no spaces, only the first 11 digits)

2783xxxxxxx, 2784xxxxxxx, 2786xxxxxxx

*120*xxxxx# (no spaces) or
*130*xxxxx# (no spaces)


Step 2

Use your search results to contact the owner of the SMS code or USSD string regarding your complaint.

If the contact details of the company that sent the SMS are available, they will be provided to you. You can then contact them regarding the problem.

Step 3

Have any other questions, or not satisfied with the response to a complaint?
You can read the answers to some frequently asked questions below, or view the WASPA Code of Conduct for commercial SMS messages.

What is SMS "spam"?
Much like e-mail spam, an SMS message is considered to be spam if it was unsolicited and was sent by a company with the intention of selling you a product or service.

What should I do once I have the details of the owner?
Use the contact information provided for the owner, and submit your complaint directly to them.

What happens if they won't resolve the problem?
Contact WASPA by making use of the complaint form provided for such situations.